Make your dream product come true: Private Label & Made in Italy

Discover how the Italian tradition can help you in realizing the product of your dreams. 


Private Label & Made in Italy

The majority of the world’s luxury labels produce in Italy

Private Label refers to a production process in which a brand contracts a manufacturer to produce under the label of the brand. In such case, the brand is passing the specifics of the product to the manufacturer which is producing the products based on the requirements of the company and labels the ready goods with the logo of the brand.

Most Italian manufacturers produce not only their own collection but offer their production capacities to the fashion world. The majority of the world’s luxury labels produce in Italy, and most of the times the production is based on the private label principals. In this way, the fashion brands can leverage on the long-lasting experience of the Italian producers and at the same time focus their business on sales and marketing without having to run also a production plant.


Private Label & Made in Italy

Benefits of Private Labeling

Private labeling has a lot of benefits from a branding and organizational perspective. But, also has multiple barriers and hurdles. One of the biggest hurdles is to source the best private label manufacturer for the product. Up until today a solution for this problem was still missing for Made in Italy products. Italynext.com helps brands to find a suitable Italian manufacturer and is connecting the two parties on a digital platform. In doing so, reducing travel cost for the companies and accelerating sourcing processes.

Brands from around the world can upload their product needs free of charge on the pinboard of Italynext and will receive quotations for their request from Italian producers. Alternatively, brands can start a direct conversation with an Italian supplier based on the products that the producer is already offering. Start using the services of Italynext and enjoy the high quality of Made in Italy.